Character Creation

Character creation will follow the same formula as Shadowrun 3E.  It will utilize the Priority System, that is A, B, C, D, and E priorities.

Rank – Stats – Skill – Magic – Race – Resources
A – 30 – 50 – NONENONENONE
B -27 – 40 – Adept – NONE – 400,000
C – 24 – 34 – NONENONE – 90,000
D – 21 – 30 – NONE – Ork, Dwarf -20,000
E – 18 – 27 – NONE – Human – 5,000

There are several adjustments to the priority system, such as there is no A resources option, sorry no million $. The only A choices are Stats and Skills.

The thing is, there are no meta humans and no magic in this world.  The cyberware is also limited. 

That said it is possible for players to select 'meta human' races but apear human and still have the statistical effect of those humans, but the only ones that are available are the D  selections, Ork, Dwarf and Human.  Sorry no Troll or Elf stats. Also note that if you choose an Ork or a Dwarf the stat change minimum from the negatives is still in place, and your maximum modified stat at start is 7.  Even if your race gives +2 to a stat it will still be maxed at 7, please refrain from placing a 6 in that stat as it will not be an 8 and will be a wasted point. That said, edges and cyber that would move your stats above 7 are acceptable.

What does stay the same is your ability to increase those stats, where humans are limited to 6 your limit is still your racial limit.  Please note that the karma pool increases more rapidly for those that do not adjust their stats by choosing Ork/Dwarf just the same as it does in SR.  A human stat char will gain 1 additional Karma Pool per 10 Karma gained, all others will gain 1 additional Karma Pool per 20 Karma gained.

Magic is limited in that there are no mages, but there are adepts however they are limited in their power.  If you choose adept you will still have to select Priority B [Magic(Adept)] but instead of recieving a number of points equal to your Essence to spend on powers you recieve a number of points equal to your Essence divided by two.  IE 6 Essence would net you 3 power points.  Please note that the number  always rounds down, so if you had 5 essence you would have 2 power points, not 2.5.  Self Initiation is allowed.

Contacts are a bit different, you still start with two base contacts but the Buddy and Friend for Life contacts do a little more for you now.  Read about them in Who you know and What they do for you

Gear is limited to availability 5.

Cyberware is limited in that only certain ware is available and it MUST be alphaware[2x cost] at a miminum.  Cyberware must follow the limitations applied to Gear.  Refrain from spending more than 3 essence on cyberware, it is the safe limit.  Though more than 3 essence can be used on cyberware it is not recommened.  Also some systems even if able to be aquired under the limitations may be disallowed outright due to the nature of the campaign, these will be judged on a case by case basis as they come up and will be posted on the Cyberware page.  Cyberware will include bioware and nanoware other oddities that might fall under body modifications.

Some edges and flaws are no longer relevant and will not be allowed, these should be reviewed on a case by case basis.  The reviews will be posted on the Edges/Flaws wiki page.  Rulings could include certain Edges/Flaws costing/rewarding half, same, 1.5 or twice as much as normal.  Others may flat out be disallowed.

Other than the above things mentioned character creation is the same.  

Character Creation

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