Edges and Flaws

Some edges and flaws are no longer relevant and will not be allowed, these should be reviewed on a case by case basis.  The reviews will be posted here. 

Rulings could include certain Edges/Flaws costing/rewarding half, same, 1.5 or twice as much as normal.  Others may flat out be disallowed.

If you choose a flaw that does not give some sort of statistical negative[ie Dark Secret, Hunted], then you must provide a detailed write up of your Secret or who is hunting you and why.  Be sure that for flaws with multiple levels that who is hunting you is given the level they are worthy of.

Naturally any edges/flaws concerning magic are not allowed as there is no magic.

  • Aptitude 4 [Now cost 6] Choose a skill, all TN's with that skill are reduced by 1 to a minimum of 2.  

Edges and Flaws

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